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Redefining the meaning of batik
Bateeq launched in 2013

Batik is an ancient Indonesian tradition of luxurious, hand-made textile production that continues to thrive today. The production of the world’s finest batik is centered in the historic Javanese cities of Yogyakarta and Surakarta (Solo). Traditional batik motifs are finely detailed and involve the application of wax patterns onto fabric which is then boiled and dyed several times before later adding an additional layer of fabric with different colors to create unique motifs – each of which has its own background story and philosophy.

In the past, batik was traditionally only worn during formal occasions. As such, bateeq attempts to simultaneously preserve and push batik forward by creating a new line of modern products. Bateeq exists to innovate and share the timeless design of batik integrated within awe-inspiring wardrobe pieces.

Bateeq is culturally chic
Made by Professionals

We give priority to ensuring the perfection of our motifs, sewing, fitting and display shops. We are comprised of more than 200 experienced employees and strive to meet our customers’ expectations.

While continuing to innovate with batik fabrics, special attention is paid to various aspects such as color schemes, unique motifs inspired by Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage, and current fashion trends. We also highlight the best features of our customers both inside and outside the country.

Custom Made

We encourage our customers to try bateeq clothing before buying. As each person has their own unique figure, we offer adjustment services for those who require it to create a perfect fit that highlights the body’s best features.

We have a mission to coalesce Indonesia’s cultural heritage with modern style to make our customers shine and feel fabulous. We pursue every avenue of excellence and seek to offer our customers the ultimate level of convenience.

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