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Lurik 2022

bateeq  Lurik 2022

Lurik 2022

For Ramadhan 2022, bateeq presents a special collection made using leftover lurik from our previous collection thus making it even more sustainable and socially responsible. Through this process, bateeq is repurposing the materials and optimising its use, as well as retelling the story of how we work to develop the craft of lurik fabric.

In this collection, you will find an array of modest pieces to be your look throughout the Holy Month while you are celebrating with the nearest and dearest. The Lurik collection is also a perfect choice for your ‘Raya Look’ given the relaxed and comfortable fabric.

The collection is designed with versatility in mind. They can also be used as daily wear long after the Holy Month is over. Get our special lurik collection to complete your look throughout Ramadhan to Idul Fitri.

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