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Miwiti 2022

bateeq  Miwiti 2022

Miwiti 2022

No matter how far we go, we will always come back home. Home is our roots. It is the place where we grew up and were shaped. It’s a place that provides safety and comfort. It is the place that will always give us strength to go even further in life.

For bateeq’s latest collection, Miwiti, home is undeniably its main inspiration. All of our feelings towards home are then translated into gauri prints.

These prints are inspired by the traditional batik print, Semen Ageng that symbolizes a leader with good character, determination, and is a protector of their people and environment. Consisting of various natural elements combined with beras kecer patterns, this print represents the balance in life.

Comfort is also a big part of Miwiti. The modern yet practical silhouettes are two main elements of the collection. It is shown by the loose cuts and versatile style throughout the collection.

Not only comfortable to wear, Miwiti also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that it is made responsibly. Besides using eco-friendly materials such as rayon cotton, Miwiti also utilizes the lurik made by elderly artisan weavers in Klaten.

Exprerience the comfort of Miwiti as part of your daily look.

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