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Subhumi SS22

bateeq  Subhumi SS22

Subhumi SS22

bateeq’s latest collection is loaded with summer elements with three new prints in collaboration with Balinese illustrator, Ida Bagus Ratu Antoni Putra a.k.a MONEZ: Palemahan, Segara, and Paksi.

The three prints are here under the “Subhumi” collection. The collection title is taken from ancient Balinese in which ‘su’ means well and ‘bhumi’ means earth. This concept is chosen by MONEZ as a prayer for life on earth amid the busy development of our society and the decline of our environment.

Each print in this collection is designed to represent the three elements on earth: the land, the sea, and the atmosphere. The land is represented by Palemahan prints that take elements of plants, air, sun, and water—the main components to sustain life on earth. Meanwhile, the sea is represented by Segara that plays with the shapes of coral reef, planktons, fish scales, and seaweed as its main elements. Lastly, there is Paksi which represents the atmosphere by using elements of birds, feathers, and clouds.

These prints are combined with the vibrant colors which has become the signature of MONEZ works and applied to ready-to-wear design that can be worn daily or to complete your summer look. Find the various silhouettes for both men and women in this collection. To complete them all, the collection mainly uses rayon fabric to guarantee the comfort of the wearer.

Discover and experience the Subhumi Collection. Rahayu.


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