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Nostalgia 2021

bateeq  Nostalgia 2021

Nostalgia 2021

“Nostalgia” is the theme in BATEEQ’s latest runway collection which was launched on Tuesday, 31st August 2021. By applying retro nuances through batik motifs, Nostalgia offers a sartorial style and a preppy touch.

The texture of the Kawung batik on Jacquard fabric is presented in 2 (two) colors; dark blue and cream. The main attraction of this entire collection is the layered detailing and the collar that can be used as a strap or ribbon with a loose silhouette. There are also accessories such as a quilted square and circular shoulder bag that can be folded into a handbag.

In Indonesia, batik has a deep-rooted tradition, where the blend of lines, shapes and detailing unite to form unique motifs that have significant meaning as a message, prayer or hope.

In the Nostalgia collection, TINARI is a special design whereby Weton Jawa is presented as the main motif. The hope for the TINARI couple is depicted in 2 (two) types of motifs, namely the round Kawung motif which means perfection, purity and holiness, and the line-based Banji motif which means order in life.

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